Having Starter Woes?

Having starter woes? RMRE offers a solution. A Meziere Billet One-Piece flexplate, Meziere Hi-Torque starter, and ARP 12 point flexplate bolt kit @ $799.00. Your choice of a 10 pitch, if you have a kicking back problem, or a 12 pitch if you want the best combo on the market in our opinion.

FlexplateBilletMeziereMeziere True Billet Flexplates
Meziere True Billet Flexplates are clearly the superior choice for quality and precision. Machined to exacting tolerances from 4340 round bar, to produce the strongest gear tooth, least runout and the best longevity on the market. All flexplates are certified to SFI spec 29.1

Ten pitch (139 Tooth) Billet flexplates are also available to provide a deeper and stronger gear set. Must be used with matching ten pitch starter. This provides the ultimate in reliability.

Meziere True Start Starters
The recent trend among engine builders has been to increase displacement. Engines exceeding 540ci, 632 or even larger are the norm. If this fits your description, then we have the prescription. Meziere’s TS400′s features a powerful 2.2 KW motor and a drive assembly specifically designed for extreme starting conditions. Virtually all of the StarterMezierepower transmitting components have been scrutinized to bring you reliability unmatched by any other manufacturer.

Meziere’s line of True Start starters are head and shoulders above anything the racing world has seen. This is not another warmed over factory starter…this is race quality from the ground up. These proprietary gear and drive assemblies ensure consistent starts.

Also, available in “ten pitch” to match the 139 tooth flexplate option for a deeper and stronger gear set.

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