Shop Services

We offer these shop services… and more!

  • Cylinder head porting
  • Cylinder head pressure testing
  • Cylinder head chambers/ports CNCed
  • Cylinder head milling (Flat/ Angled)
  • Multi-angle performance valve jobs
  • Flow bench services
  • Dynamometer services
  • Magnaflux inspection of steel parts
  • Engine balancing (Internal/ External)
  • Custom engine building
  • Engine rebuilding/ updating
  • Intake manifold porting
  • Block align honing
  • Blocks bored & honed
  • Block decking
  • Crank oil holes chamfering
  • Crank polishing
  • O-ring blocks
  • O-ring cylinder heads

Reher-Morrison = High Performance

Reher-Morrison supplies products and services worldwide from our location in Arlington, Texas. Our Research and Development facility is one of the nation’s premier high performance machine shops.

In addition to two SuperFlow dynamometers, two SuperFlow flow benches and a Mondello WetFlow flow bench, we utilize three CNC machining centers for paramount precision and repeatability. By using Reher-Morrison’s Shop Services you keep your racing program on the cutting-edge.

What we learn every day on the dyno and at the track goes into everything we do. All of our engine building, cylinder head work and machine shop services are done in-house to ensure quality products and maximum performance.