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In Stock for Immediate Shipment!
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In addition to our complete engine lineup, here is a list of engines fresh off the dyno and ready for shipment! Most of these engines can be shipped the same day you place your order!

This list shows what type of engine, cylinder heads, and the torque and horsepower information. If you would like more specific, detailed information, please call our Technical department Toll Free @ 855-467-4880. Our experienced technical and sales staff will be happy to assist with your application and answer any questions.

EngineCylinder Heads HP/TQ
BBC 540 (P830)Dart 345 PRO1914 HP/766 Ft/Lbs
BBC 565 23º (P873)370 Heads 1007 HP/796 Ft/Lbs
BBC 583 12º (P057)RMRE 12º Heads 1200 HP/910 Ft/Lbs
BBC 565 NOS (O874)Dart 355 PRO1 1002 HP/781 Ft/Lbs
BBC 583 23º (P143)Sniper 375X 1090 HP/843 Ft/Lbs
BBC 583 23º (P396)Sniper 375X1089 HP/840 Ft/Lbs
Note: With vacuum pump and crank trigger
BBC 598 20º AA (P657)Dart/RM 20º1196 HP/910 Ft/Lbs
BBC 598 20º AA (P527)
w/2.200 Carb
Dart/RM 20º1202 HP/913 Ft/Lbs
******SHORT BLOCKS******
BBC 540 24º Complete Short Block- Pump Gas (P574)Note: for Conventional 24º heads