Our Goal at Reher-Morrison!

Our goal at RMRE is to supply customers with the most powerful engines without sacrificing reliability. Our attitude at RMRE is the next one can be better.OurGoalRMRE

All engines are assembled with components custom designed to RMRE specifications.  These are purpose-built engines, carefully crafted for each individual application, not a collection of stock shelf components hastily bolted together.

Our dynamometers run daily. Every assembled engine is dyno tested.  Parameters are adjusted and set to insure peak performance, while maintaining the maximum reliability. Customers receive their engines with their specific dyno test results. Our dyno tests are performed with the exact components shown on your sales receipt, not with some DYNO QUEEN tricked out-carburetor or manifold. When you receive your engine, it is race ready!

Our dynos also assist in our quest for more power. To this end we are constantly evaluating both our own custom designs, as well as, manufacturer products.  The one constant priority in our component selection is reliability. You can’t win, if it won’t run!

Believe it or not, there are differences between engines other than price.
You could be buying your next engine from the same source as the Pros. If you’re ready to step up your racing program, call our technical department TOLL FREE @ 855-467-4880. We are waiting to Accelerate Your Dreams!