872+ci – 5.3 Bore Spacing Engines

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1,740 Hp/ 1,305 Ft.Lbs.

5.000″ Bore/ 5.550″ Stroke


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Product Description

5.3″ Bore spacing engines are available up to 900+ Cubic Inches.

Select your purpose built engine in nitrous or non-nitrous trim. Non-nitrous, dedicated big inch engines with more compression, lighter components, and less parasitic drag, are great for the increasingly popular Top Sportsman and Top Dragster class racers who want big power and lower maintenance.

We are constantly doing R&D to improve the horsepower, performance and durability of these engines. Please call and allow our technical staff to discuss the latest developments and how they may best be applied to suit your project!

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Engine Features: Going R&D requires constant changes as new technology dictates. Call our Tech Department for the most current information TOLL FREE @ 855-467-4880