Fast XFI Electronic Fuel Injection

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Product Description

We offer the FAST XFI™ Electronic Fuel Injection Systems. These systems are designed specifically for drag racing applications with versions for all horsepower levels. They feature Qwik Tune™ technology, which enables you to program up to four different performance tunes (e.g. street and race) that you can activate with a switch in your car. The XFI™ ECU is durable and high quality. This is definitely the right choice for a racer interested in electronic fuel injection.

Reher-Morrison offers FAST XFI™ wiring harnesses to go with the XFI™ Electronic Fuel Injection System ECU. This simplifies installation with clear labels and provides the latest technology for processing signals from the XFI™ ECU. The wiring harness features all OEM-style connectors, high temperature oil resistant wiring and puncture-resistant outer sheathing for years of dependable service. All connections are butt connected, crimped, and soldered for maximum mechanical and electrical integrity. This wiring harness delivers simple installation with long-term dependability.