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In 2000 the Raptor spreadport cylinder head from Reher-Morrison was considered a break-through in BBC spread port cylinder head development. A spreadport head capable of producing power levels no other spreadport head could achieve. Not willing to rest on our previous accomplishments, Reher-Morrison decided to up the ante and bring to market the Raptor II. The Raptor II has shown a 20 HP increase in power over the original. The even better news, No cost increase!

More Power, for Less.

That’s the Reher Morrison way!
Raptor II cylinder heads are designed by Reher-Morrison and contain features and benefits not found in any other spreadport heads. These are cutting-edge Pro Stock style intake ports utilizing High velocity/Wet flow technology found in no other Big Block Chevy head on the market today! With over ten years in development Reher-Morrison has created a cylinder head capable of producing more power in a Big Block Chevy than was previously possible. These heads are featured in the RMRE Super Series 12° 565, 583, 588, 622, 632 and 665.

The Raptor Components Include:

  • Reher-Morrison 12° Raptor II BBC Cylinder Heads
  • 1.645″ O.D. Triple Pacaloy Springs
  • 10° Manley Titanium Retainers
  • 10° Heat-Treated Comp Cams Valve Locks
  • Manley 2.450″/1.850″ Custom Titanium Valves
  • 425+cfm @.500″/535cfm @.800″/545cfm @.900″/555cfm @1″
  • Flows more air per valve size than any other spreadport cylinder head!
  • 66cc Chambers 475cc Intake Ports
  • Variable valve sizes available for specific applications, 2.450″/1.850″ standard
  • Uses standard BBC spreadport cylinder head components, less costly to update!
  • Faster throttle response when using a throttle stop
  • Broader horsepower and torque curve than other BBC spreadport cylinder heads
  • More potential horsepower per dollar than any other BBC cylinder head
  • Provides the next level of BBC performance for nitrous, blown or naturally aspirated applications

Available Exclusively from Reher-Morrison!
This aluminum head can only be purchased from Reher-Morrison. It is a true proprietary
cylinderhead design exclusive to Reher-Morrison. It is like no other spreadport head on the market.
Works great with Nitrous!
The Raptor II is not like other 12 degree heads on the market. Its better!

Raptor II Flow figures SF600 flow bench.
0.2000 158.8 161.4 133.9
0.3000 245.2 243.1 182.3
0.4000 345.6 350.3 223.1
0.5000 425.9 426.9 256.8
0.6000 489.8 488.8 286.3
0.7000 520.1 518.6 316.1
0.8000 537.6 527.0 340.0
0.9000 545.9 544.2 354.0
1.0000 550.4 552.4 358.0

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