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Reher-Morrison Super Series Piston Rings

Friction is the #1 reason power is lost in an engine. Reher-Morrison offers custom designed piston ring sets to decrease the power robbing effects of friction. Super Series piston ring sets are .043″, .043″, 3/16″. Our .043″ top and custom .043″ cast second rings reduce friction yet maintain a tight seal when the pistons change direction. Reher-Morrison spec oil ring rails and expanders provide the perfect combination of tension and oil control. Reduce the power robbing friction in your engine with a set of Reher-Morrison Super Series piston rings!

In addition to Total Seal, Akerly & Childs and Speed-Pro rings are also available.

– NEW! RMRE Custom 4.600” Bore Ring Sets –
RMRE is now offering our custom Total Seal® ring set for 4.600” bore Big Block ChevroletRMTotalSealLogo hi-performance racing engines. Featuring an AP (Advanced Profiling™) steel top ring with a barrel face profile, these ring sets were engineered to stand up to the extreme abuse that racing engines are exposed to, yet are easy on the cylinder walls and will outlast any other piston ring available on the market today.

RMRE is currently utilizing these ring sets on all our high end, high horsepower, big bore engines. They will tolerate a light to moderate amount of nitrous oxide, and are less susceptible to damage from detonation, than Plasma-Moly style top rings.

Total Seal® AP Advanced Profiling™ steel rings are lighter, stronger, thinner and flatter than any other piston ring available on the market. They seat quickly, seal well and results in more horsepower.

Part number: 305-098-5
Bore: 4.600”
Top Ring: .043” back cut to .170″ radial thickness AP™ steel
Second Ring: .043” back cut to .170″ radial thickness ductile Napier
Oil Ring: 3mm

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! Custom 4.600″ bore pistons configured for use with the above ring sets, in stock. Call our Parts Department (Toll Free @ 855-467-4880) for more information and assistance with your application.