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SBC Blocks

We have blocks from leading manufacturers, such as Dart, Brodix and Donovan, available for purchase. Call us today, and get the block you’re looking for. Don’t forget that we have Super Series short block combinations that are matched and ready for assembly.


Dart Little”M”

Our small block Chevy engines feature cast iron Dart “Little M” blocks. The Dart “Little M” has a standard deck height, extra-thick cylinder walls, and a competition oiling system, making it the perfect starting point for reliable high-performance engines for the street or the race track.

The Little ”M” cast iron engine block is the affordable alternative for serious small-block racers. The precision pre-machining eliminates the time and expense of ”blueprinting” a stock block. With extra-thick cylinder walls, four-bolt nodular steel main bearing caps, and a competition oiling system, the Little ”M” is the perfect starting point for a powerful and reliable engine for the street or the race track. Do not waste time on a questionable junkyard block or waste money on machining a ”semi-finished” factory casting. The Little ”M” is brand-new, fully machined, and virtually ready to assemble with off-the-shelf small-block components.

SB-Chevy “Little M” Engine Block

  • 9.025” Deck Height
  • 4.000-4.125” Cyl. Bore
  • 350-400 Main Bearings
  • Nodular Iron Main Caps