Racing Engine School

Because of the popularity of these schools, we suggest you book as early as possible.

Email us if you are interested, so that we can notify you about upcoming school dates. 

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Learn From The Pros! This is your chance to step into a professional racing engine shop and “learn from the pros.” Use what you learn to take your racing program to the next level!

What’s Included

Engine Assembly How-To Book – You will receive a book, covering lower engine assembly and upper engine assembly. This book is loaded with great information, too much to absorb during the class. Keep them for future reference.

Cylinder Head Theory and Practice – We will discuss cylinder head types, combustion chamber design, port designs, choosing cylinder heads and learn the important details of head porting. Learn about the features, sizes and materials of various valves, springs, retainers and keepers. Myths will be dispelled and you’ll understand how to make informed decisions about cylinder heads and component selections for your application.

Precision Measurement – Learn what to measure, how to measure it and what the results mean in the engine building process. Includes the use of micrometers, calipers, bore gages and dial indicators. You’ll also “cc” cylinder heads and determine the dome volumes on pistons, a critical step in figuring your static compression ratio.

Engine Assembly – Learn about all of the practical considerations for final engine assembly, including what to check and how to check it.

Component Selection – Find out what block, cam, lifters, intake and cylinder heads are best for your application. Learn how to save money by not wasting it on parts you don’t need, while neglecting those you do.

Dyno Session – Hearing an engine roar to life on the dyno gets everyone’s attention. You will sit in on a dyno session of one of our Super Series engines, and learn how it’s done as well as what all the number on the dyno sheet mean. We can’t guarantee it, but if a Pro Mod bullet is on the dyno, we’ll stop in and witness a few pulls! 

Question and Answer Sessions – Find out what goes into a top-performing racing engine and get answers for all those nagging questions in the back of your mind.

Pricing – $1,095 per Student.
Bring a friend and receive a 10% discount off both seats.

To sign up for this program, or for more details, Email us at: