Reher-Morrison Racing Engine School

Reher-Morrison Racing Engine School

IESchoolDecal2013 Class Schedule:
There will be only one class for 2013
July 13th and 14th

$1,095.00 Per Student:
Bring a friend and save 10% off both seats!
$985.50 Per Student

Because of the popularity of these schools, we suggest you book as early as possible!

Call Toll Free …855-467-4880 to reserve your seat.
Seats are LIMITED so call now!

If you are interested, or for more details please Email to: and she will process your request.


Learn from the Pros!

This is your chance to step up into a professional racing engine shop and “learn from the pros.” Use what you learn to take your racing engine programs to the next level!

What’s Included

Engine Assembly How-To Book – You will receive a book, covering lower engine assembly and upper engine assembly. This book is loaded with great information, too much to absorb during the class. Keep them for future reference.

“I have just started reading through the engine tech book you sent me and would have to say,  it is by far the best tech book of its kind ever written.  I have not been able to find as much technical information on a complete engine building program as what is contained in this book.
It has instantly become my number one source for reference,  before and during engine building and machining.  Even though most of the photos and the information are referencing Chevrolet engines,  and I am a Mopar racer,  I still find the information most applicable as the dynamics are still the same.
Thanks for getting the boys to sign the inside cover.”

Simon Lazarevski
Adelaide, Australia

Cylinder Head Theory and Practice – We will discuss cylinder head types, combustion chamber design, port designs, choosing cylinder heads and learn the important details of head porting. Learn about the features, sizes and materials of various valves, springs, retainers and keepers. Myths will be dispelled and you’ll understand how to make informed decisions about cylinder heads and component selections for your application.

Precision Measurement – Learn what to measure, how to measure it and what the results mean in the engine building process. Includes the use of micrometers, calipers, bore gages and dial indicators. You’ll also “cc” cylinder heads and determine the dome volumes on pistons, a critical step in figuring your static compression ratio.

Engine Assembly – Learn about all of the practical considerations for final engine assembly, including what to check and how to check it.

Component Selection – Find out what block, cam, lifters, intake and cylinder heads are best for your application. Learn how to save money by not wasting it on parts you don’t need, while neglecting those you do.

Dyno Session – Hearing an engine roar to life on the dyno gets everyone’s attention. You will sit in on a dyno session of one of our Super Series engines, and learn how it’s done as well as what all the number on the dyno sheet mean.  We can’t guarantee it, but if a Pro Mod bullet is on the dyno, we’ll stop in and witness a few pulls! 

Question and Answer Sessions – Find out what goes into a top-performing racing engine and get answers for all those nagging questions in the back of your mind.

Use what you learn to take your racing engine program to the next


bruceValve1Wayne Scraba of National Dragster wrote:
“Is the Reher-Morrison engine school worth it? Let’s just say, given the opportunity, I’d jump to take it again. And if I was actively campaigning any type of race car, I’d sign up post haste. There’s something for every racer, whether you’re a bracket racer, campaign a Super-category car, race a Stocker, or build Pro Stock engines for a living.” … “I truly believe this school is the finest performance shortcut you’ll ever find within drag racing.”



tomValveJack Hayes – Student R.M.R.E. Class:
“Hi Guys,
I was one of the students that attended your engine school last weekend. I would like to let you know that your engine school was in my opinion , the best training I have ever received on racing engines! The instructors, the facility and the information covered were all top notch. Not only did I leave with a wealth of information on building the engines , I was also advised on what parts to use and more importantly what parts not to waste my money buying. The instructors were very good about answering my questions. I tried to take good notes, but I am sure I missed some things , so I was very pleased to find that the Engine Assembly Manual was supplied to each student tied in so well with the lectures. It is almost like having a written copy of each lecture. Thank you for presenting such a wonderful learning experience ! You will surely be hearing from me in the future. If you decide to have any other types of school , please contact me.”

Jack Hayes
Automotive Technology Instructor
Hazard Community & Technical College


FlowBenchDennis Schrage – Student R.M.R.E. Class:
Thanks for everything, we really enjoyed our visit. Everyone was great and we are only sorry for not getting to meet you. Your instructors are fantastic. They found ways to make every person there feel extremely comfortable. This was especially important to me as by nature I am very shy and uncomfortable in crowds. The atmosphere was extremely warm and positive. This leads me to believe that you have a very special group of employees there. I am uncertain how one could acquire that many exceptional people, but you have and I commend you on it.

I was not prepared mentally for this class. I would never have thought your instructors would be so free with so much priceless information. The cost of the school is peanuts compared to the wealth of information available. Because of the aforementioned and the vast amount of information available at your school, I think I would like to attend again. Please let me know if you plan to have any more sessions, because the opportunity would be’ hard for me to pass up.”

Dennis Schrage
US Machinery Movers