Top Hat EFI Injector Bungs

Reher-Morrison has made a quality, fully CNC machined injector bung we call the “Top Hat”

Top Hat ISO

Tired of injector bungs that are too short?

Tired of straight injector bungs that distort badly after welding?

Tired of straight injector bungs that are made from inaccurate .750 OD bar stock?

We Are To!


Top Hat





With a Top Hat injector bung you get:
  • Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • 2.00 full inches of length so no matter what angle the runner is, you have the reach you need
  • Top Hat OD of .950 to prevent major distortion due to welding
  • Machined OD of .750 for a tight accurate fit
  • Fits Bosh and other style injectors
  • Large polished entry radius to prevent o-ring tearing                                                                Set of 8 – $39.95