HP Lubricants

When making a lubricant it’s all about choices. Although there are only a few base oil suppliers and only slightly more additive suppliers to choose from there are various quality levels of products available. High Performance Lubricants chooses the best base oils combined with the highest quality additives for our products. The end result is a significant improvement in our oils life and wear reduction compared to others. These differences can easily be verified by oil analysis.

High Performance Lubricants has invested heavily in a state-of-the-art facility, which allows for product development and topnotch quality assurance from conception to completion. Their stringent quality control of each raw material and each batch our plant produces ensures accurate, consistent and high performing lubricants.

We use and recommend High Performance Lubricants that are custom blended for us.  We are not chemists or engineers but we do know how to run our dyno’s and run track tests, and that is where everything ultimately needs to be tested.

The tests began as a result of looking for a good break-in oil. We found one as it sealed the engine quickly, had more vacuum and consistently showed a 5-8 hp gain in a 1200hp 8000 rpm engine.*

We saw the same results with 5w30 race oil that has a slightly higher film strength and lubricity.

Our testing now shifted to the track. We used an engine that I consider to be harder to adequately lubricate, a 632 Wet Sump. We tested two crankshafts and two different configured oil pans. We got the best results I have seen to date. This makes me feel confident in using and recommending the product that has been blended for Reher-Morrison.~ David Reher

*We now use this break-in oil in all of our engine builds.

We use and sell 5W30 Break-In oil, 5W30, 5W40 and 10W50 racing oil according to application.