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Reher Morrison has taken our 45 years of induction system design experience and developed LS3-LS7 heads that out perform the rest. We do not believe in a one size fits all CNC cylinder head. Reher Morrison has developed different port designs tailored to specific engine combinations to give you more power through out the usable RPM range. We have LS3 intake ports ranging in size from 263cc to 280cc not to mention a wide variety of LS7 ports as well. Just because it says CNC does not mean it will perform at the highest level and the GM LS7 heads are a prime example. GMs LS7 heads are already CNCd from the factory, yet after they have been CNCd with the Reher Morrison ports the heads pick up 40-50hp! Do not get stuck with an underperforming cylinder head. Reher Morrison has also developed packages to complement your CNCd cylinder heads. These packages produce 50hp to 100hp gains in the LS3 engines and 80 to 150hp in the LS7 engines. All our cylinder heads are purpose built to assure you reliability, proper valve train stability and maximum performance. Call Reher Morrison and get the right cylinder head for your LS engine!


  • Purpose built to your needs (Not an off the shelf cylinder head)
  • Raised port roof for better intake manifold alignment with milled heads
  • Different port sizing to fit your specific engine combination
  • Port designs that make top end power without sacrificing bottom end torque
  • Each head is professionally hand blended to assure proper valve seat dimensions
  • LS3 heads 25-35 Hp increases
  • LS7 heads 45-50 Hp increases
  • Raised port roof for better intake manifold alignment with milled heads


CNC porting your current LS3 or LS7 cylinder heads Only! $1000.00 pr.

Not all programs are listed above. Custom port development available. Call for details.

EFI calibration on GM vehicles using HP Tuners software

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