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Moroso #22163 CNC Billet BBC Oil Pump

This CNC billet pump was tested extensively at Reher-Morrison’s R&D facility. It features an anodized finish, high quality hardware, and the latest high-tolerance machined components.

Unlike similar billet pumps, this unit does not require special oil pans to fit. It draws less horsepower from the engine to operate than similar billet oil pumps.

  • Fits most production 8″ deep Moroso oil pans without modifications!
  • Weighs 1 lb. less than a stock pump and pickup assembly
  • Uses the stock mounting stud and oil pump shaft.
  • The mounting boss cross section is 3 times larger than stock, eliminating vibration and fatigue failures.
  • Oil pressure bypass is designed to return the oil to the pickup area, which reduces both aeration and oil temperature.
  • Larger inlet and oil passages increase oil flow and efficiency.
  • Integral bottom feed design eliminates the need for an external pickup.
  • Clears a 4.375″ stroke with most aluminum rods without modifications.

Price: $385.00 – Call to order!


Moroso #22187 Oil PumpOilPump22187


This oil pump is the best we have seen. It is a high-pressure, high-performance pump with a shielded pickup screen. This pickup screen prevents windage, ensuring steady oil pressure. When used in combination with the Moroso BBC oil pan #21049, dyno results show an increase in horsepower with impressively constant oil pressure. This pump is available with the pan and pickup and is featured in our wet sump kit. The wet sump kit is designed to provide you with all the components you need so that you save time and money. See the “Wet Sump” section of our site for more information.

Download PDF: More information and dyno test results

Price: $110.00 – Call to order!