Super Series Induction Combos



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Product Description

Every Super Series engine Induction Combo includes:

  • Reher-Morrison CNC Econo ported intake manifold
  • Reher-Morrison custom carburetor
  • Reher-Morrison 1″ aluminum spacer
  • Reher-Morrison ½” reversion plate
  • Carburetor studs & gaskets
  • Intake manifold bolts & gaskets

Getting a Super Series Induction Combo saves you time and money because you don’t have to try to track down the correct, quality parts for your induction combo. Super Series Induction Combos can help you realize horsepower gains that make a difference on the track.

The Combo consists of the Reher-Morrison CNC Econo-Ported Edelbrock BBC single plane intake manifold (Victor or Super Victor) with a Gary Williams dominator carburetor built to RM specifications (1050/1150 or 1200cfm). The bottom of the ½” CNC machined 4-hole dominator reversion plate matches the top of the 1″ CNC tapered aluminum spacer. The spacer is blended to match the plenum and we profile the dividers and the runner entrances. The runner exits are port matched to a standard intake gasket just like on all our Super Series racing engines. This gives you the most “Bang!” for your “Buck!”

Also included are the carburetor studs and gaskets, as well as, the intake manifold bolts and gaskets. We have carefully chosen these components and know they will make a difference for your engine.