Mike Greene – 12º Raptor 598ci BBC

Mike Greene Car

-Top Dragster-
Another first-time winner got the job done in Dart Machinery Top Dragster at Thunder Road, as Mike Greene of Burleson, TX., survived from the number 11 qualifying spot to beat number 12 starter Derrik Sholar in the final.

Greene qualified his Reher-Morrison 598 BBC powered ’08 Undercover dragster with  a 4.13 pass at 171.31 mph and dialed in at 4.13 for three of his four elimination rounds. He ran 4.18 against the .13 in his first round win over Louisiana’s own Michael Kile, then went 4.14 on the 4.13 dial in to beat Jeb Adams, who broke out by a hundredth in round two. In the semis, Greene dialed in at 4.12 and ran another 4.14, but courtesy of an excellent .006 reaction time after Cody Moore ran dead on his 4.18 dial.

That left only the final, where a 4.16 against his 4.13 dial in got the job done for Greene as Sholar also broke out by a hundredth under his 4.22 dial in.

-Mike Greene-
“My 12º Raptor headed Reher-Morrison engine is the best, most consistent fast engine I’ve ever owned. I can run this car down the track like a bracket car and even drive it to the lanes and back to my trailer after a run. I can’t thank the guys at the shop for everything they do.

Mike Greene
Burleson, TX.